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Grisha gives one-on-one flamenco and classical lessons online.

Please click on one of the buttons below the menu to schedule your lesson.  After you have submitted PayPal payment, you will receive a confirmation email.

The lessons will be tailored to your musical interest and playing level.  Some topics that Grisha can cover on both classical and flamenco guitar are:  theory, musicianship, expression, specific compositions/composers, flamenco palos, techniques such as rasgueados, scales, arperggios, tone production, etc .

For continued progress, Grisha recommends taking a lesson at least once every two weeks.

Please note that at this time Grisha does not have video lessons or tablatures to send out.  He can teach you how to play the repertoire and work with you on the topics you are interested in only during a one-on-one lessons.  He is not able to give advice or tips via email.

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